Excercises In Egotism

Photos n' shit.


Photos taken with:
Canon Powershot G7
Samsung Galaxy SII
Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Jet S8000

Search terms people have used to find my bog:

bird in a clothesline
christian pedofiles
dead poo
dead rabbits with no eye sockets
ducks in floods
evil poo ! !
finger mould
finger poking bum
freezing tits
fuck in public place pics
fuck off
fucking on the train ringwood
fungus on a dead animal
ice cream dick
liquorland shit
man on all fours
mushroom growing on toilet
pics of skinny people for inspiration
pigeon on window ledge
prahran high school what happened
thimble thursday
turd in a banana peel
ufo gembrook
unique kfc buildings
vb vending machine

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