Excercises In Egotism

Photos n' shit.


Whether this page stays updated or not is unclear at the moment. But here are some things I thought could be interesting to keep track of.

Total number of images on my bog:
Photos: 294 (not including photos of drawings)
Photos from my camera: 145
Photos from my phone: 149
Videos: 2
Drawings: 13
Charcoal: 3
Digital: 3
Marker: 4
Pen: 2
Pencil: 1

Search terms people have used to find my bog:
bird in a clothesline
christian pedofiles
dead poo
evil poo ! !
finger poking bum
freezing tits
fucking on the train ringwood
ice cream dick
pics of skinny people for inspiration
pigeon on window ledge
unique kfc buildings


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