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Here’s The Tip…

Posted by KingBean on June 28, 2009 12:07 pm

Wednesday June 17, 2009
I’ve come down with a pretty average flu recently and have spent a lot of time at home. Obvious benefits to this include not having to be at work and being able to smash the fuck outta the xbox. This is the NBA Jam World All-stars right here… muwahahahah. 1:18pm.


Saturday June 20, 2009
Sun setting from Lysterfield Rd. 4:54pm.


I had some piece of shit virus on my computer and during the removal process, I got asked to write down on paper the following filenames… I got the first one down then decided a photo would be a shitload easier. It was a really shit virus and was stopping me from running any removal programs and kept fucking with all my clicking… sheesh. 9:33pm.


Monday June 22, 009
I was waiting for the bus at Belgrave station and felt my backpack being pulled on. I turned around and some guy was standing there with a weird smile on his face. I tok my headphones out and asked what he wanted and he goes “There’s a possum trying to get into your bag”..! Sure enough, the possum that often hangs around there was on the fence and trying to rummage into my backpack. 6:11pm.


Tuesday June 23, 2009
A guide dog that looks both comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time. Somewhere between Richmond and Kooyong. 5:10pm.


Illuminated by brakelights at the Berwick off-ramp of the Monash. 5:59pm.



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Late Lunch

Posted by KingBean on June 19, 2009 8:49 pm

Wednesday June 10, 2009
Every morning my train goes over this drain and when it’s been raining, it floods. Once it drains there are always ducks hanging out in there. I was in Bayswater and walking by so I went down there. Yay. 4:50pm.


Friday June 19, 2009
I got into work this morning and found this sitting on our sandwich grill. 8:51am.


Gross. 1:53pm.


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Untitled Entry IV

Posted by KingBean on June 14, 2009 3:38 pm

Monday June 8, 2009
Waiting for the first train home at Southern Cross. 4:34am.


Saturday June 13, 2009
Kris Kross‘ll make ya…. 5:19pm.


“It’s not a public urinal, mate…”. They just came out of nowhere the second the fly went down, and disappeared just as quickly. Fuck off. 10:44pm.


Sunday June 14, 2009
Tommyknockers at Bridie O’Reilly’s on Little Collins St. 1:15am.


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MS Pain

Posted by KingBean on June 14, 2009 3:14 pm

Thursday May 21, 2009
MS Paint.

I’m not sure if I can post drawings of genitals on here or not so I thought I’d pixelate it just to be safe. You get the idea.


Friday June 12, 2009
MS Paint.


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Untitled Entry III

Posted by KingBean on June 8, 2009 8:25 pm

Thursday May 14, 2009
Perfect Poo.
Kilometrico on pizza box.

Fucking around at Azzuri’z in Stud Park at Brenny’s birthday dinner. Bon App├ętit!


Tuesday June 2, 2009
Copic on photocopy paper.

We had to leave work early this day because the dudes working upstairs had been painting and the fumes were coming through and choking us up hardcore. I thought I’d draw a diagram just so people could understand without having to read.


Friday June 6, 2009
Charcoal on some sort of thin watercolour paper.

Another post-work/pre-gig piece with ouzo for inspiration. Not sure how happy I am with this one, I did it too big. I started re-drawing it smaller, but couldn’t be fucked so I just went with the original.



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